Title: Hydropower production against energy from other renewable sources


Keywords: hydropower, renewable energy, electricity

Abstract: Continuous social and economic development of the country requires more and more electric power, and the variable demand for energy forces the need to diversify its supply. Energy production from renewable sources gives such a possibility. Small hydropower plants and run-of-river plants play significant role within renewable energy sources. The article includes the analysis of the amount of energy produced by public hydroelectric power plants, compared to total domestic production as well as production from renewable energy technologies. The analyses included presentation of the historical role of hydropower within the national energy production system, current situation and renewable energy programs for future. The share of electric energy production from public domestic hydropower plants in the post-war multiyear period underwent signifi cant changes, from 7,2% in 1946 to 1,8% in 1963 and 2,1% in 2010. In the analyzed period, the trend of electric power production from domestic hydroelectric power plants was correlated with the trend of total domestic production. The annual changes were, however, more dynamic. Within the projects of increased production of energy from renewable sources the share of hydropower will decrease. According to forecasts, production of electric energy from other renewable technologies will exceed planned hydroelectric power production by 2020, 5-fold from wind installations, 4-fold from biomass power plants and almost 2-fold from biogas.

APA style references: Bajkowski, S. & Górnikowska, B. (2013). Hydropower production against energy from other renewable sources. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 22 (1), 77-87.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Bajkowski & Górnikowska, 2013), next citation: (Bajkowski & Górnikowska, 2013)

Chicago style references: Bajkowski, Sławomir, Barbara Górnikowska. "Hydropower production against energy from other renewable sources." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 59 ser., vol. 22, no 1, (2013): 77-87.

Chicago style citation in text: (Bajkowski, and Górnikowska 2013)

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